We are here to …

We are here to help combat loneliness and isolation in the community

We started in 2012 and now have 40 plus in our club.  Fibro myalgia is a chronic pain condition and is life changing condition, similar to ME/MS.

We are looking for funding for a shop/hub so we can sell gladrags and handbags and this will help finance the group.

Awareness Day

We are holding an Awareness Day for fibromyalgia on 15 May 2014 at Sutton Central Library.

We will have a table with information on chronic pain conditions.  You can meet members of the Popin Club and find out more about what we get up to.

Hope to see you on the 15th.


Bus safety days

This morning some of our members took part in a Bus Safety Day, organised by the Sutton Safer Transport Team.

The session provided real life scenarios and addressed issues that occur while on buses.

“It was useful for people to understand safety when on public transport.  It is so easy to give away personal information.  It made us think.  We all felt more confident at the end,” said Jacque Barbet-Shields, Popin Club Manager.

For further information about this service, contact Elena on 020 8683 3944 or email travelclub@suttonct.co.uk.

Give and Take session

Yesterday members of the Popin Club attended a U session on conflict resolution, held at Sutton Central Library.

“Everyone said how much they enjoyed the session.  It has given people confidence to handle everyday conflicts,” said Jacqui Barbet-Shields, Popin Club Manager.