Book Club

A book club takes place at SCILL every second Wednesday of the month between 5.15pm and 6.30pm.


For the session on 11 February, everyone is to read a book about the sea and come to the evening ready to talk about it.


The event is supported by Monica Fairview, a published author or Regency and Austen Sequels with a sprinkle of chuckles.  Her novels include The Other Mr Darcy, The Darcy Cousins and An Improper Suitor.


Future dates:  11 March and 8 April 2015.

Achievable and enjoyable

Feedback from those who took part in the Nordic Walking was very positive.  They said it was enjoyable and the exercise was achievable.  Manor Park is not huge, so you can get round it.


The session starts and ends with light exercises to get ready for the walking.


“I felt much better afterwards, but I did have a few aches the next day as I was using muscles I have not used for a while!” D.

Craft session great fun

Thank you to those who attended the craft session, held in January.


It was an enjoyable session, social and something different to do.  It was also felt that it was nice to be with a group who understood some of the challenges of the condition – more formal craft sessions go too quickly and it can be difficult to keep up.


Make sure you have the February date in your diary.

4th December 2014

Sally Higham RunAClub

I hope by the next blog we will have exceeded our first 1,000 clubs – we have a number of contracts out for signing with local authorities and sports bodies that would mean we would be well over that 1000 mark.  As I have said before, it’s a long process for them then to convert to the end users getting on the system and using it properly and this is the bit we really love – hearing the positive feedback from end-users, along with their ideas and suggestions.

We listen to our customers on a continual basis and this will all feed into our new developments with the technology.

We have also had a few of our first organisational renewals – 100% success rate so far and we intend to keep it like that! We work hard to keep in communication with our customers and make sure they know we…

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