Fibromyalgia, a poem by Chris Wild

Thank you Chris for sending us this poem.



A medial condition,

One in twenty-five people suffer from it.

A friend of mine, Jakki, is suffering tension,

With this, and wanted it brought to general attention.

The symptoms are:-

Widespread muscle pain,

And more women are affected than men.

The pain is generally pain in the tissue of the muscle,

Which I imagine would cause a lot of hassle.

Also, headaches, and irritability.

Oh, and memory loss,

Now I remember, is what Jakki told me.

I understand that the pain runs deep.

And fibromyalgia also affects sleep.

I understand that there’s inflammation,

With fibromyalgia,

But I don’t have any more information.

Blackpool lights-up for Fibromyalgia

Today Blackpool Tower will be lit-up for Fibromyalgia.

The FibroDuck foundation has organised this with Blackpool Tower for international Fibromyalgia and ME Awareness Day.

Blackpool Tower will be lit-up purple with a blue heart, with FIBRODUCK text running through the heart.

If you can get to Blackpool then please come along.  FibroDuck Foundation will be holding a tea party/picnic on the comedy carpet whilst we wait for the tower to be lit-up.

Sutton Wellbeing Festival

We are at the Sutton Wellbeing Festival, in the Central Library today.   You will find us in the old cafe area.  Come along and talk to Jacqui and find out more about the condition and what you support you can get.

The official launch is at 5pm – why not pop along and pick up the programme of events running this week.