An interesting article which we picked-up about paresthesia.   What is your experience of this?  We’d be interested to hear from you.

Improve your IT skills

On Wednesday 3 February between 10:30am and 12 noon, there will be a short talk on email skills from Age UK Sutton.  Venue will be SCILL  as usual, and this will be followed by a Mindfullness session from Jackie Farrell, who runs a website raising awareness of  Essential Tremor.

Look forward to seeing you next Wednesday.

Information sharing at Talking Tables

A few of our members joined the Talking Tables event in Sutton on Wednesday morning.  Meeting people and sharing information can be helpful – providing an opportunity to pick up tips and advice on how to living with fibromyalgia and chronic pain.

Further Talking Tables events will be taking place round the borough and some feature on our monthly programme.  Just look out for the spotty balloon and join the conversation. There will always be a friendly Host to greet you.


Music, can it help ease pain?

Could listening to music ease your pain?

Jacqui picked up a cutting from the Daily Mail which suggests just that.

The short article said:

Music could help tackle fibromyalgia, a common pain condition that affects the whole body, according to a new study.

Women with fibromyalgia had better control of their symptoms after listening to music five times a day for two weeks, reports the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

In the study of 30 women, the impact of music was accessed by asking the participants to rate their pain and stress, and testing their saliva samples for levels of various chemicals involved in the condition.

While there weren’t an changes in these chemicals, the women reported feeling better and had fewer symptoms.  Music has been shown to reduce stress, thought to play a key role in fibromyalgia.