What’s on tomorrow

Each year we spend some time talking together about the Club, what goes on at the meet-ups and things that we would like to see in the programme.  Join us tomorrow for our Group Discussion.

We meet between 10am and 2pm at the former SCILL Centre, Robin Hood Lane, Sutton.

See you there!

Jacqui reveals new diagnosis

Jacqui has been diagnosed with ME.  It was her experience living with fibromyalgia that prompted her to start the club in Sutton.

I felt that there needed to be more information and advice out there for people with fibromyalgia and it is a natural extension to include ME in the club’s remit.  The fatigue and low energy levels are symptoms that are shared with fibromyalgia, said Jacqui

Jacqui would be interested to hear from people who have also been diagnosed with ME, and will be talking more about how she is living with the condition and any tips she picks up along the way.

A personal account

Information about a documental focusing on the life of Prasad Moss, a 37 years old man who has suffered from fibromyalgia for over 20 years causing him great pain and disabilities, has been brought to our attention.

The documentary is about an hour long and shows Dr Tim Weeks and Prasad Moss take up a 21-day intensive natural healing protocol to help Prasad find relief from his pain and fatigue, and after the 21 days Prasad becomes pain-free.

The film is available on Amazon Prime Video and can be viewed for free by Amazon Prime Members.   We’ve not been able to download the film, as we don’t have the right plug-ins, but you may have the right connections.

Let us know how you get on and what you think of the film.

Refreshing drink

Take a jug of hot water (around a pint), a table spoon of Turmeric and 2-3 slices of lemon (depending of taste)  plus some honey, again to taste and mix together.  You can drink hot or cold.

Jacqui  has taken to drinking this and  finds it refreshing.  She also says it makes her feel more alert.

Why not give it a try,  its a nice drink and a good alternative to coffee and tea.

For further information on Turmeric, click on the link.

What’s on tomorrow

It’s Moves for Health tomorrow at the Club.  Join us to take part in some chair-based exercises and find out some other tips and advice on how to keep fit with fibromyalgia.

The Club meets between 10am and 2pm at the former SCILL centre in Robin Hood Lane, Sutton.

See you there!