Please share 🙏 Everyone please be careful around Carshalton and Rosehill, a bike has just pulled up onto the pavement and tried to steal my handbag , this was outside St.Helier Hospital. Didn’t manage to get a look at the bike or the people, but there were two people and it was a moped. This was in broad day light outside a hospital on a busy main road, these people really don’t care who they target so please be careful 😡This is copied be careful

This happened in cheam this is copied

WARNING – I went to Sainsbury’s at North Cheam today after doing my shopping I got into my car put my handbag on the passenger seat just going to start the car when a man tapped on my window, I opened the car door and he said that he had watched someone reverse into my car. I got out of the car to have a look, and left my handbag in the car. When I goy home my purse and my credit card case were missing. Have now cancelled cards but they tried to take over £1000 from my bank account, they have also had £130 which was in my purse plus cleared out the money that was on my travel holiday card. please all be careful.This is copied