This happened in cheam this is copied

WARNING – I went to Sainsbury’s at North Cheam today after doing my shopping I got into my car put my handbag on the passenger seat just going to start the car when a man tapped on my window, I opened the car door and he said that he had watched someone reverse into my car. I got out of the car to have a look, and left my handbag in the car. When I goy home my purse and my credit card case were missing. Have now cancelled cards but they tried to take over £1000 from my bank account, they have also had £130 which was in my purse plus cleared out the money that was on my travel holiday card. please all be careful.This is copied

Robbery in Banstead around 5:30pm today
(Tuesday 19th Feb 2019)

My mum was mugged by 2 white boys riding a black motorbike, wearing all black clothing.

They mounted the curb on a black motorbike outside ‘All Spares’ next to flame grill opposite the Woolpack pub in Banstead high street.

They stole her handbag and all her belonging inside, including sentimental items.

Please call 101 to inform the police if you saw or heard anything. Any information will help massively.

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