This was copied beware when shopping🤨🤨

I am absolutely heartbroken I had my my purse taken out mobility walking trolley whilst shopping in Kingston Surrey yesterday the 21ST of May at 3pm .
Two eastern euron ladies were hovering around my shopping trolley and the next moment my bag was opened and my purse was gone.
I am a disabled single mum and life is hard enough battling a degenerative Illness and bringing up my daughter alone.
is a black leather mulberry purse it had a Barclays Bank card and my bus pass in there and £91 cash,That was all I had to live on for a week as I am chronically disabled and I am to Ill to work as I have aplastic anemia and ms.
The purse was a gift and if anyone finds it please let me know as it was a gift from my mother.
This has been reported to Surrey police.
I feel absolutely heartbroken by this as this was all the funds I had to live of and these lowlifes took it
Some people are total scumbags preying of disabled people to pinch of,I was thinking I may as well give up on life if this is how people treat others now,But my daughter needs her mum even though I am very ill I have to try and stay approve for her but it is very hard when something like this happens 💔 😢


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