Tom Brake visit

On 4 October 2017, local MP Tom Brake, met with the Club.  The main topic was the future of St Helier Hospital and it was helpful to have an update.    It was also an opportunity for Club Members to raise issues of interest and concern, and we made every use of our time with Tom.



Composting talk was all rot!

We had a great morning talking about composting.  Sutton Council staff provided an interesting talk and presentation on how we can all compost more.

Here we all are after the formal part of the presentation was over.

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Useful information about recycling

On Wednesday 19 August we had a great presentation on recycling.

Amongst the top tips:

  • buy used goods if you can – there are a lot of second hand and charity shops offering a good range of items
  • look for products that use less packaging
  • maintain and repair products
  • borrow, rent or share items


Police gave safety advice

The local Police gave us a talk on yesterday about general safety issues.  It covered hand-bag safety in the high street and rogue callers and how to avoid being caught-out.

It was really useful to be reminded to be careful when out and about and also to keep safe when at home.