Refreshing drink

Take a jug of hot water (around a pint), a table spoon of Turmeric and 2-3 slices of lemon (depending of taste)  plus some honey, again to taste and mix together.  You can drink hot or cold.

Jacqui  has taken to drinking this and  finds it refreshing.  She also says it makes her feel more alert.

Why not give it a try,  its a nice drink and a good alternative to coffee and tea.

For further information on Turmeric, click on the link.

Information sources

There are a lot of websites offering advice and information about fibromyalgia, fatigue and chronic pain conditions.   We include some we have found to be of particular interest in our links section.  If you come across a site that you think should be shared with other people, please email and let us know.


Please think about your older neighbours during the colder weather.

Perhaps knock on their door and check that they are okay.

They may welcome someone picking up some provisions for them … or you could just offer a hot mug of soup which might cheer them up.