Panic healing

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I began yoga back as a teen mainly for the poses, the stretching in a lot of yoga poses were the only thing that helped ease all my aches and restlessness that kept me more exhausted and unable to sleep. ⠀

But it was the start of my spiritual journey as well as my healing one, from starting the poses, lead me to learning about zen living which helped me pace and accept where I was in the moment which helped me work with my illness to go from housebound to a college student. ⠀

Over the years, my spiritual journey/awakening has been just as hard and unpredictable as my healing journey. I’m definitely going through a level up right now and it’s a big one. In fact I think it’s a few spiritual growths in one. Surrendering, heart expansion and third eye opening. Phew ! ⠀

No wonder I’ve needed time out to ground, find self and work through tough spiritual times. 😉⠀

Although yoga isn’t a religion (or an exercise btw) the yogic lifestyle and living definitely put me on the path of an amazing spiritual journey, even if right now I’m mentally working through this phase of growth, it’s the best journey to self you can have.


Is there anyone interested in CBD oil & where to get a great quality product? I have fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis, chronic migraines & tmj & have been on & off so many medications I couldn’t keep count. I am currently on 8 prescription medications. I started taking CBD oil 3 months ago & I have absolutely NO PAIN! You read that right….NO PAIN! I am already working on decreasing my meds. I am also able to sleep straight through the night & my anxiety & depression are so much better
I’m sharing this because I want to help my fellow fibro warriors not have to suffer anymore. I had doubts too, but it is my miracle oil! Straight from God, so how could I not spread the word with others! Gentle hugs & God bless!